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Brooklyn Body Works Physical Therapy began as an idea to bring the highest quality physical therapy to all people in our community. We wanted to offer the best that NYC has in health care while not marginalizing people based on socioeconomic boundaries (race, income, language, religion, etc). We offer a “concierge style service” and continue to accept many commercial insurances, medicare and even medicaid policies.

I feel strongly that everyone deserves the best quality care and that it should be affordable. I hope through Brooklyn Body Works Physical Therapy and BBWPT & Wellness, we can continue to help everyone in and around our Brooklyn communities, “Get Their Bodies Working Better!” for many years to come.

— Matt Spiegelman

how we’ve evolved

  • 2003

    An Idea Was Born

    The community needed a great physical therapy clinic that felt like home and catered to all of its residences. The concept of Brooklyn Body Works Physical Therapy was born.

  • 2005

    Our First Location

    We wanted the the South Side of Williamsburg, Brooklyn to have access to our services. We signed and leased the corner space at 190 Union Ave in 2005. When renovation started, the dream was becoming a reality.

  • 2006

    We're in Business!

    Brooklyn Body Works saw its first patient on January 16, 2006. It was an amazing feeling knowing that what we envisioned was actually coming to fruition.

  • 2007

    The Team That Helped Us Grow

    During our first year there was just five of us, working hard and spreading the word about our clinic services. It was small, but we worked really well together and we knew that we were making a difference in the well-being of our patients.

  • 2013

    Time To Spread Our Wings

    We had an amazing response from patients over the last 7 years and it was time to grow into a new space. Brooklyn Body Works Physical Therapy needed more room to welcome the influx of patient requests we were receiving. Our office moved upstairs to 202 Union Avenue.

  • 2014

    Our Team Has Grown Into A Family

    We never could’ve imagined where we would be 11 years after thinking up Brooklyn Body Works Physical Therapy. We grew from one, to five, and now are a team of more than 10 staff members working together like a family.

  • 2020

    Expanding To The North Side

    We wanted to reach a wider community and bring the Brooklyn Body Works Physical Therapy brand closer to many of our current patients. In February of 2020, we opened up our doors at 101 Tenth Street on the Northside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


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