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Our Hall of Fame is designed to motivate and encourage current patients who might need a pick me up, helping them realize other people have been in their shoes and have made complete recoveries.

At Brooklyn Body Works Physical Therapy, we honor patients for their outstanding determination and hard work as they complete their rehabilitation and continue to strive to return to what they love to do. Whether it’s getting back to high level sports, a favorite hobby, or simply being able to walk down a block without pain, these achievements are all very important to each therapist and staff member.

  • Emily Guerra

    Thank you and BBW for helping me get my shoulder stronger and feeling better! I will continue getting it even stronger so my last basketball season is a healthy and successful one!!…Oh, and also letting my foot heal!!:)

    Thank You!
  • Ray

    They got me straight to participate in my graduation!

    We're So Proud!
  • Lorelei B.

    In a time when I have felt hopeless as an athlete and physical educator and was told I will not be able to resume my lifestyle, the staff at Brooklyn Body Works not only gave me the courage, strength and support both physically, but emotionally through talking, hugs, and dedication. The owner Matt said “my job is to help you get better , whatever it takes , we will find a way”. They got my x Ray and post operative report , sat down and found a way to help calm me down giving me a ray of light to hold on to. Their staff , Jay , Sean, Kim, Melvin , Mike , Alisha and Didier work hard to make my recovery easy and fun, while always being sure that I am pain free while rehabbing.

  • Geneva

    I spent about 8 months in physical therapy with some of the best in the city at Brooklyn Body Works Physical Therapy. Thanks to them I avoided surgery and have slowly been getting back to doing the things I love.

    Getting Back To What I Love

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