Review from
Victor W.

Apr 6, 2017

Victor W. New York, NY

I had shoulder clavicle surgery last September to repair a non-union break that I had suffered a year ago from an accident. I started physical therapy in October and have been recently discharged. Through the entire time, the staff was helpful in advising and rehabilitating my injuries. It was a great experience such that now I have also integrated some of their workout exercises into my normal regiment as I get back into things. I can say with confidence that I feel much better and look forward to getting into active sports again.

I highly recommend (especially athletes!) to check out this place. They have the right tools and personnel to achieve your athletic and personal goals.

It was a pleasure to have Natalia as my PT with all her supportive staff. I hope to break something soon, so that I can go back in again. Just kidding!

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