Tailbone Contusions: A real pain in the butt

Tailbone Contusions: A real pain in the butt.

– Ever fall real hard on your tail bone?Chances are you were pretty sore for weeks or months, right? Most docs will prescribe pain medication, an inflatable doughnut and tell you to avoid sitting on hard surfaces. But coccyx contusions can lead to much more serious issues beyond localized “butt” pain. In fact, many people don’t realize that lots of fascia and tissue is attached to the tailbone. When the tailbone is traumatized (rotated, tilted, stuck, or simply in pain), connecting structures like muscle, nerves and joints can also be affected.

– Recently, a cyclist, who slipped forward on his seat and suffered a coccyx contusion, found it difficult and painful to flex and extend his spine. During a thorough exam, we found that his coccyx was shifted forward from the bike accident. After a few treatments of massage, myofascial release and joint mobilization, he regained full spinal motion (with some pain) and eventually returned to cycling pain-free.

– Word to the wise: if you fall and injure your tail bone, have it assessed by a medical professional who specializes in coccyx mobs as soon as possible. Old, chronic injuries can benefit from treatment, also.

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