Golf Swing Analysis and Rehab

What is it?

Golf Swing Analysis and Rehab, is a therapeutic practice offering both revision and pain relief to golfers experiencing discomfort inhibiting their ability to play golf effectively. This type of therapy relies on golf-specific assessments developed by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), which focuses on the body-swing connection™; the understanding of the relationship between a golf swing and how the human body functions. During the screening process physical therapist use their knowledge in sport medicine and TPI certification to evaluate a golfer for any physical limitations:
• interfering with their ability to swing efficiently and consistently;
• causing abnormalities in posture;
• impeding ball height and drive distance;
• clubhead speed;
• causing painful movements;
• and resulting in low scores.

Once the physical therapist identifies key issues underlying the patient’s concerns about their swing, they are issued corrective guidance through modifications, exercises, drills, and other therapeutic applications. The overall goal of Golf Swing Analysis and Rehab, is to ultimately help the golfer improve precision and health simultaneously.

The biggest benefit of seeing a physical therapist versus a professional golf coach, is the difference in clinical experience and vast understanding of symptoms and conditions on a broader scale. Therapeutic professionals look at concerns from a healthcare standpoint and utilize different options to provide not only longevity to the golfer’s game, but to assist with their ability to move freely with the least amount of restriction. Golfing professionals on the other hand, only give corrective guidance strictly related to improving a golfer’s swing.

When viewed as a whole from a clinical perspective, achieving a healthier swing is the direct result of a healthier person which extends the life of the game.

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Golf Swing Analysis and Rehab Benefits

How can it help me?

Golf Swing Analysis and Rehab, impact both the game and the player’s health. Golfers can expect to experience a multitude of benefits including: recovering and healing faster from injuries, reduced sport-related stress on the body, a surge in strength and agility, and reduced pain in their shoulders, back, elbows, hip, knees, and more. In addition to symptom and physical improvements, recipients note better swing efficiency, an increase in accurate and longer shots, improved posture, better scores, and a knowledge on how to play the game they love longer.

Techniques and Exercises

What we incorporate into our treatments

Golf Swing Analysis and Rehab can include techniques or exercises such as:

  • 17-Point Titleist Performance Institute Physical Assessment
  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Physical training exercises
  • Drills
  • Manual Therapy
  • Modalities
  • Other physical therapy applications

Who is eligible for Golf Swing Analysis and Rehab

Common symptoms and conditions reported by golfers

  • Abnormalities in posture
  • Joint mobility issues
  • Musculoskeletal stress
  • Painful movements
  • Localized pain in their shoulders, back, elbows, hip, knees
  • Diminished strength and power
  • Decrease in agility

Golfer game related complaints:

  • swing inconsistency and deficiency
  • low ball height and short drive distance
  • poor clubhead speed
  • low scores


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common faq's

Since this is a physical therapy session which will require a physical examination and therapeutic exercise (varies by patient), we ask all our patients to come prepared. Please come dressed in loose fitted clothing that will allow for easy mobility, comfort, and access to the area of complaint. In addition we recommend sneakers with soles that grip to prevent slips or falls.

The need for a referral depends on what type of insurance you have. Most insurance plans do not require one, however some insurances do. For example, if you have HIP, you will need a referral from your primary care physician. We ask that you check to see what your health insurance plan requires prior to your initial visit. If you are unsure, please contact our front office and we’ll do our best to determine whether or not you require a referral.

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Each patients case and diagnosis is unique and requires the development of an individualized plan of care. Your physical therapist will give you an estimate of the number of sessions needed to reach a level of “feeling better”, during your initial evaluation.

Over time the number of visits may increase or decrease from the initial estimate, based on the progress made.

Brooklyn Body Works Physical Therapy accepts many of the available major insurance plans as well as alternate payment options, including cash/self-pay, to make our services accessible and affordable. Please visit the link below to view all information pertaining to Payment Options.


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